Flat White

Flat White is an architectural firm consisting of three architects – Marta and Michal, employed by Hanka who's the owner of the company. Their ideas and designs brighten up interior space with care and love, from the overall layout to the last bathroom towel hook. They ensure that the interior is simple and well-arranged, yet distinctive – and these were the same goals we had when creating the new brand and web presentation.

It begins with a thick black line

Hanka agreed that the result should represent the way they work and, particularly the spirit of their interior designs. “Flat” – an apartment, and “White” – a representing a blank sheet of paper that would be filled with their minimalistic yet original, generous and clear ideas. Like Flat White, we found inspiration in the combination of black and white and the beautiful simplicity of the Nordic style.

The name selection process was subject to the availability of a suitable website domain. Eventually, we elected to use the newly created top-level domain – .archi. The name is underlined by the use of a minimalistic logotype and a clear composition. We've used the technical and geometric font GT Waltsheim by Grilli Type and the sexy serif italic Dala Floda by Commercial Type. A thick black line that doesn't divide – it unites. The symbol is featured in the whole name as well as in the shortened initial form – F/W. Can you see our resolutions there?

Visit the website, or better yet – use the company's services, and even you can get a sip of “Flat White”. You won't even need to drink the coffee of the same name, it will be an experience regardless.

They wanted to have an online home

An “online home” was a natural fit. We thought about how to “design” the space of an imaginary online interior. Using a predefined template for a creative and original architectural studio was out of the question, so we set about to create a custom web presentation. One of the basic requirements was, naturally, that the website be responsive and work on a cell phone as well as on a computer. Since architecture is photogenic to the highest extent and the lens can notice its most interesting details, we focused on an elegant way to browse and view images on all devices, including high resolution displays. It was one of the reasons our partnership with Flat White didn't end with the creation of the logo and the website.

And leave a mark

Variety in materials is integral to architecture. This is especially true for interior design. For presentations in person, we prepared stylish business cards on layered colour paper from the Colourplan range of products. As a result, the front and back sides of the card are on two different types of paper surface and the effect is underlined by a two-colour edge of the paper. All it would need was a kiss from the silk-screen printing god and perfection would be achieved!

In everlasting memory

When we were done playing with browsing images, we decided to take care of the images themselves as well. We do all the shooting. All our images are carefully selected, composed, tuned and retouched, so that the result was always just as perfect as the finished interior space. The “How we work“ section focuses mainly on how the studio usually operates and what to expect when working with them. Have a look http://flatwhite.archi/.

This is where to find them

Hanka + Marta + Michal = Flat White. Meet them at http://flatwhite.archi/.