Kámen Zbraslav

Refresh for construction material producer

The Kámen Zbraslav (Zbraslav Stone) company is one of the largest producers of natural crushed and mined aggregates in the Czech Republic and it supplies customers with materials for the whole construction. These can be stone, sand and concrete.

Website refresh

The original website of 2009 needed a change not only in terms of design, but also overall modernisation of the website and its efficiency. The biggest problem was a large number of unrealized demands for retail customers. The work was also hindered by a number of emails with unclear requests.

1. We have added pieces of information on the website that customers could hardly find previously

A clear list of quarries, sand quarries and concrete plants

Better explanation of what the transport possibilities of concrete are. 3D vehicle animation with detailed dimensions to make the selection of transport easier.

2. We have supplemented a form for non-binding demand for stone, sand and concrete

In the form, we guide a customer to fill in everything they need in the format convenient for Kámen Zbraslav. Thanks to the React.js library, passing through the form is smooth and there is no need to reload the pages.

3. We have created a simple demand management system

Until recently, demands from retail customers were processed via email, this was inconvenient and confusing. Now all requests are automatically sent to the administration, where they can be easily sorted out and priced. Delivery of orders to customers is controlled by a dispatching centre; this makes delivery of the material more efficient.

We have dusted off the old brand

The original visual identity of the company was processed in a graphic manual of the 1960s. For example, there was not a digital corporate font; we also had to redefine RGB and CMYK colour values.

The font in the logo is redrawn into digital form for better legibility of the website. Definition of colours in digital form.

Facelift of both logo and colours

We have used a new font for both logo and subtitles. Older and poorly readable Beton font was replaced by modern Metronic font. This is now used in serif fonts for titles and sans serif fonts for texts and other content. We have codified RGB colours for the website, CMYK and Pantone for printing and RAL for further use.

We have redesigned most of the printed material and other brand features
It was corporate clothing, pricelists or mercantile prints that received new coats.

We have designed a visual theme not for the fleet only

Brand Manual

Are you having stone, gravel or concrete?