Refresh for energy supplier

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the term “gas supplier”? To us, it is reliability, quality and a drilling site. Thanks to cooperation with MND a. s., (the Moravian Oil Mines) we have also discovered another side of a seemingly simple matter of “natural gas”.

MND is the largest Czech oil and gas mining company. It supplies natural gas directly to end customers – therefore, the company does not need any brokers and can offer lower energy costs. In addition, as the only ones on the Czech market, they are able to solve all the necessary requirements related to online switching from another supplier. From the desk. There is no need to go to a branch office or hold on the helpline.

New MND always at hand

The first joint project with MND was an extensive facelift of the website on which we started working in 2016. Right from the beginning we set common goals and expectations with the client. We identified key performance indicators (KPIs), according to which we would be able to objectively evaluate the results of our work.

The main goal was to improve the conversion rate, i.e. to increase the percentage of users who complete the request to switch to MND not only on a desktop computer, but also on mobile devices. We know that nowadays the fundamentals of every good website are the ability to adapt its contents to different devices. That's why today you can comfortably handle the process of switching to MND on your iPad from your couch or on your mobile while travelling by tram – simply anywhere.

MND presentation under control

Hand in hand with redesigning, we could not ignore technical infrastructure and the possibilities offered by new technologies, either. We built on a previous monolithic solution linking the website and processes running in the background. It did not work. Therefore, we have designed a new architecture that completely separates the functional and presentation parts of the website. A seemingly simple modification has brought faster and more flexible web administration as well as clear roles for managing MND’s digital presentations.

Cooperation with the client

A separate chapter in preparation and development of a new website is a feedback from the client. This was achieved through brief iterations allowing the client to keep track of both ongoing changes and newly developed parts in the test version. Everything was automatically issued following the code quality analysis using Gitlab CI. This configuration was good for both parties – a joint and always up-to-date test environment was available to both of us.

Easier way for customers

A price offer tailored for everyone? Now it is easy – just enter the basic consumption data and an energy supply point. In addition, the interactive pricelist provides a clear breakdown of individual items that make up the final price. The customer then simply continues to handle the transition to MND by using an intuitive online form. All of this is simple, without visiting a branch office or talking to an operator.

  • Online calculator
  • Offer
  • Interactive pricelist
  • On-line settlement

MND clearly across all sales channels

Redesign has gradually exceeded the web itself. As part of unification of all materials we have also unified the look of MND's price offers throughout all the sales channels: websites, customer centres, and a call centre. Everything is naturally connected and the MND customer always gets the best service.

Every customer is different

We have prepared marketing campaigns that target at customers according to what might be most interesting to them.

And it succeeded!

We have increased the conversion rate of an online transition to MND.




In year-on-year comparison we have managed to increase the conversion rate of completing the online transfer to MND by 52%.




Thanks to the responsive website in mobile devices it was even by 185%.

Try a money saving and friendly energy supplier, too.