Refresh in telecommunications with UPC

In 2012, we became the online agency of UPC Česká republika. Cooperation with a leading broadband internet and TV provider seemed like a challenge, especially because technology development at UPC as a broadband multimedia service provider is a high-priority process. A number of new services have been created during our cooperation and our task was to present them on the website and through advertising campaigns. Of course, this had to be done in a way that is as accessible and comprehensible as possible for clients who are not well versed in technology but who want to use the best the current internet and TV services have to offer. That's why we redesigned the website in 2015 and created the new client portal Moje UPC in 2016/2017.

UPC WEB - Redesigned in Brand Style

One of the core projects was the redesign of the upc.cz website. Like other national UPC providers in Europe, we too built on the solid visual style foundations of the brand. The web development itself was carried out on the Adobe CQ5 shared corporate platform where we created the whole sales and service parts of the website.

During the development of the website and its functions, we also created online advertising campaigns in the vein of the current UPC marketing campaigns.

Service Configurator – Transparent and Well Arranged

Multimedia service users have their own needs and requirements. UPC wanted to provide tailored services through an interactive app on the upc.cz website. Like the core website development, we again faced a difficult challenge of combining the company's visual style with a user interface and a solid function matrix that would calculate the price of the selected services for the client.

UPC TV – Interactive Television in Motion

In the course of promotion campaigns we also introduced the interactive UPC TV service that allows you to watch the last 7 days of TV anywhere, anytime, thanks to modern technology. You will be enthralled by the premium content (rich movie library) and don't become a slave to linear TV programme. Another advantage of UPC TV is allowing you to watch it on mobile devices. Would you like to learn more about interactive TV entertainment? Check out our special online presentation.

Service Configurator – Transparent and Well Arranged

The customer naturally wants to have a clear overview of the bills, payments, services and the loyalty period. So the next objective was to create a handy customer portal. This effectively meant making radical changes to the original Moje UPC portal that didn't meet the needs of the company and the customers. We created a modern and fully responsive self-care portal. It also provides optional services, enables users to set up new services and facilitates effective communication with customer support. This helped reduce the customer hotline operator workload.

Analysismind map, business requirements document

The very beginning required an analysis. Together with the client, we prepared a thorough project documentation. In the course of several workshops, everything was put on paper and the ever more popular mind maps – thoughts, ideas, wishes, possibilities and silly nonsense as well. We managed to define precisely what the features should be from the perspective of the user, customer service and online marketing.

Design„Mobile first”, pen-and-paper sketches, wireframe

We elected to go the “Mobile First” way to achieve effective user design. We wanted to select the most important features and fit them onto the small mobile device screen, leaving the less important stuff to the larger and more spacious computer screens. This proved to be the ideal way to sort the information directed at the user.

Starting with basic pen-and-paper sketches, we then moved on to rough wireframe designs using the AXURE tool and eventually we were able to simulate the behaviour, state and performance of whole client portal.

Graphic designcolors and typography, components, mockups

The only thing left to do was to create only a precise, unified graphics design for the whole portal compatible with desktop computers as well as mobile devices. This way, we created a complete foundation for our HTML developers to work with, and after several iterations they launched the complete front end, which was subsequently fully integrated and became the CRM system and internal database of UPC Česká republika.